Slaying the Monday Blues

I woke up this morning feeling energized, focused, and confident. I'm not totally sure what to attribute this feeling to, but I think it has something to do with some decisions I made last week. After going back and forth about losing weight for the last few months I finally buckled down. I went a full week without sugar or carbs, I also kickboxed for 3 days. The added bonus of seeing the scale come down seven pounds got my blood rushing. 

You see, I've done this before. I lost 50lbs about three years ago. I know that the greatest battle in losing weight starts in your mind. Once you finally come to a place of determination within yourself you can overcome whatever obstacle is in front of you. I've had a conviction about losing weight since I first slayed the weight loss giant. Back then, I remember feeling so clear headed and energetic that I knew God desired for me to constantly exist at that level. Cookies are delicious and stress is real so I started giving myself permission to not be at my best. I bargained that I would eventually get back on the fitness wagon, but the further away I got the more difficult it became. 

Isn't that the way it goes, though?

We know who we SHOULD be, but instead, we give ourselves permission to fall short. We stay in toxic relationships, we don't pursue the job, we choose to give ourselves excuses when instead we could be changing our lives from the inside out. 

I wanted to get this message to you before the Monday blues could start making you modify the hopes and dreams you have for your life. I wanted to get this message to you before the excuses started piling up and the temptation to settle began haunting you.

Within you is the power to overcome any obstacle. Sure, people have had more to work with than you, but guess what? People have also had less! You get to decide what you do with the seconds you have been given. You can choose to use those seconds giving yourself reasons to not be excellent or you can break out of the comfort that mediocrity, disappointment, and struggle create and dare to start running your race.  


I don't know about you, but I plan to come out of the other side of this week with a new layer of Sarah revealed. I'm burying another insecurity this week so that confidence can be resurrected. Want to join me?


Let's become unstoppable! 


xoxo -SJR

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