Built to Last

Just dropping you a Saturday nugget about peace…

Have you ever thought about the power in the words, “Peace! Be still..”?

I know we say things so often that they can become catchy churchy colloquialisms, but lately, when I hear these three words I’ve taken the time to really let the definition sink into my psyche. These words suggest that we can have peace, but it can be fleeting or easily moved. The next time you notice your life has shifted from peace to frustration, peace to worry, peace to doubt, peace to fear…I challenge you to demand peace to return to its rightful place in our atmosphere. I don’t want my emotions to be determined by my situation. I want my situation and emotions to align with what I insist is the highest reality. In the best version of myself, I am full of peace, patience, grace, and love. If your circumstances and feelings dictate your life then you’re bound to end up on an emotional rollercoaster.

Remind your heart that your faith is in control. Even the direst situations will work out for your good. I don’t know who robbed your peace. I’m not sure what kind Goliath you’re up against, but I do know that the best strategy will not come from a place of fear, inadequacy, or insecurity. The strategy you need for your career, marriage, business, or next move will be birthed from a place of peace. That’s why your peace has been under attack. That’s why you must anchor your soul in the Prince of Peace

There’s a parable in the Bible about a man who built his home on the sand and another who built his on rock. Then a storm came and the house made of sand could no longer stand. That’s what’s been happening to so many of us in this season. We are enduring storms that feel like punishment, but not so that we can shrink or be afraid. The storms were meant to reveal the areas in our relationships and patterns where our foundation could not withstand the ups and downs of life. Don’t be disappointed when people walk away or opportunities disappear that you miss the areas in your life where you are experiencing growth.

In other words, don’t become so consumed with crying over sinking sand that you can’t see the solid rock. Wipe your tears, find your strength, and tell your peace to be still. You'll get through this. You were built to last.